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Custom web programming and Server management

I am a long-time web programmer and have worked with many web sites. Most of my work has been maintenance programming of custom PHP sites.

My recent focus has been on sites built with Zend Framework. Often I take over maintenance of these custom sites and add features or keep them updated.

I also have experience upgrading servers and code to newer versions of PHP and MySQL.

I am available for server management - Linux only please. I can troubleshoot issues, perform upgrades, move to new hosting, etc.

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Getting ready for 2017: new OS, new PHP, new MySQL, new CMS. The website is getting a makeover. It's been needing it for a while. It started with an update of the server's operating system. That gave me new versions of PHP and MySQL. And the CMS I was using does run on the new version of PHP so a new CMS too. The "new" CMS is just an update of Concrete5. Actually it's a fresh install. Normally you would update Concrete5 incrementally with each version released. But I jumped too many versions and did not want to step through each release. So I lost my content and will need to recreate it.

Easy to Edit

Modern websites use Content Management Systems, making the sites easier to edit and reducing the cost of maintaining a website.

Pixel Perfect

A theme represents the overall look of your web site. There are many themes available to choose from or you can have a custom theme designed to your exact specifications.

Media Rich

Add slideshows, videos or animation to help engage your visitors and sell your products.